CAP’s wiper rubber is a key enabler of the latest technology
with competitiveness.

CAP is leading the way in developing technologies from NR wiper rubber production to silicon rubber development.
The blending techniques of high functional natural rubber and artificial rubber offer excellent durability, stable wash-off, and side-bearing.
Also, CAP enhanced the natural rubber’s low weatherproof ability through special skills.

History of Product Development

Wiper Blade Rubber & Rubber Coating

CAP manufacturing process

We aim to impress our customers with accumulated technology and high facilities

  1. CMB Incoming

    CMB (Raw material formation) Sheet

  2. FMB Mixing

    FMB formation and distributed process

  3. Batch off

    FMB Sheet cooling process

  4. Post Cure

    Rubber goods modeling process

  5. Chlorination

    Rubber goods surface modification process (friction reduction)

  6. Cutting

    Rubber goods tailoring process

  7. Graphite Coating

    Solid lubricant spread process (friction reduction)

Rubber Experimental Equipment

  • UTM

  • Rheometer

  • Mooney Viscometer

  • Aging Tester

  • Specific Gravity

  • Friction coefficient measure(Korea)

  • 5L-Kneader

  • 8’’-Open mill

  • Specimen press(Korea)

  • Graphite coating equipment for test purpose(Korea)

  • Ozone Tester

  • Dynascopic Microscope

  • VMS

  • IRHD

  • Chlorine concentration measure(USA)

Rubber Coating Part

Enhance the durability, wipe out, water repellency with a special coating on wiper’s rubber blade
Abrasion/close coupling/synovial layer/hydrophobic layer

Graphite Coating

Graphite: General

Maintain the capability of lubrication against wax contamination,
and minimize the noise and shivering while operating the wipers
Wipe-off/durability/shivering/protect water repellency/protect wax/noise

Water Repellent Coating

Graphite + Water Repellent Material: Specialized

The cohesive condition of synovial layer and hydrophobic layer
Secure the clear sight through the hydrophobic layer while operating the wiper blades in wet weather
Maintain the excellent hydrophobic quality and automated construction process through one-touch wiping
Wipe-off/durability/shivering/hydrophobic/hydrophobic sustainability/long-term storage/noise

Extruded Rubber Manufacturing Technology

Exclusive extruded system for wiper blades for the first time in Asia
. Improved the productivity and loss compare to previous pressed manufacturing process and integrated rubber spoiler
Feasible to develop various types of innovative wiper blades

Article Extruded System Previous (Pressed) System
Method Feature

Output Batch Process

Terminal Process

Follow 9 steps of Pressed Method Orders

Output → Cutting Straightener → Kneader → Open Mill → Cooling → Aging → Shaping Press → Surface Treatment → Cutting →Graphite Coating
Quality Test Automatic Dimension Ispection Manual Dimension Inspection
Production Speed 3,000ea/Hr 150ea/Hr

Extruded Rubber Manufacturing Equipment