CEO Message

About us

We will become a “best Wiper Manufacturing Company.”

We have been focusing on profitability-oriented management and qualitative growth
despite the intensified competition in the global market.
From now on, we will maximize the value of our existing business
to become the “best Wiper Manufacturing Company.”


CAP will continue to make its utmost
efforts to adapt to changing market conditions.

To deliver a right product for an automobile connected with IT,
higher level of manufacturing technique is required for wipers.
Also, the criteria of wipers are even more specified followed by diversification of the vehicle type.
CAP will become a global company through the ongoing innovation of the business while nurturing future growth
engines at a time, practice transparent management, and follow the global ethical standards.


We will build ultimate competitiveness
to achieve sustainable growth.

CAP will strengthen the competitiveness of the auto-parts wiper business,
and enhance the future forces through improving the manufacturing technology, and increase
the production at China and Vietnam plant.

We appreciate the support and attention from our customers to achieve
the goal of the best Wiper Manufacturing Company.”

Regards, CEO Yong-Eui Jung