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About us


Here is the subtle movement to keep our daily lives safe silently.
It can be hard to be recognized because we always see that in our daily lives.

Can you see that?
The little changes through subtle movements that look very simple.
The small but special movement to vitalize not only visible things
but our mind vividly and freshly.

Wiping! When that small movement opens the new way,
our special journey begins through that. Life is full of unexpected dangers.

In times of danger,
you can realize the true values of the little things that you usually ignore.
As we can't stop or set back the time,
we shouldn't ignore this small thing.

We hope it can help you even though it's small
when you really need someone or something.
The perfection to function its own role at any moment and does it better than you expected.

You can feel its importance more when you feel
comfortable and cozy in a normal situation.

The promise to keep you safe all the time as we do that yesterday,
today and tomorrow without any change.

The perfect wiper can be made with our special techniques and artistic design
that no one can follow with that promise to protect you for every moment when you drive.

The best and reliable friend to be with all your happy journey.
We always make the most reliable and warm-hearted wiper.

CAP’s sensitive technique, which goes well with nature without
any counter-back and never overwhelms your automobile,
will make your drive more valuable with our specific value that blends with your life.

This little difference is the beginning of the promise to keep your life safe with our best wiper.

The wiper to lead you and your car to the safe driving.

As we believe great wipers can let your mind see the world more clearly,
we always make the new way first for you and all your valuable people.

“Wiper, more than it seems.”
- CAP -